Pray for James Hunt

October 8, 2013

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to drive down to Winchester, VA to participate in the Missiochurch Orientation. This training was exactly what I needed as I seek to expand my ministry's reach across the Muskoka/Parry Sound region here in Ontario, Canada (in addition to leading the youth ministry at Muskoka Community Church I am also full-time Director of our local Youth For Christ satellite - whose primary focus is to reach out to unchurched "at risk" teens & bring them into a personal relationship with Jesus). I returned home with renewed vision, inspiration, clarity and vigour - coupled with an arsenal of practical tools to aid me in pressing forward the movement of God's kingdom. I also met with the Southeast District Board of Oversight, who approved me for licensure.

All this to say that it should come as no surprise that the enemy is scheming to put a stop to all this momentum! This morning I returned to work to find that my office had been broken into, and all our youth centre's petty cash has been stolen - in the neighbourhood of $600+. As though this weren't discouraging enough, I also found that our centre's plumbing is clogged - resulting in a large flood of wastewater in our basement. Needless to say I'm feeling like the wind has been sucked out of the sails...

Would you please join me in prayer for spiritual protection over my family, ministry and volunteer team? Please pray that we stand firm in our resolve to bring the broken to Jesus, that we not be overcome by this discouragement, and that we can rest in the knowledge that "in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose".


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