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October 24, 2013

We are very eager to share this Radial Church monthly update with you! God has certainly been active in our community the last month and we invite you to join us in giving thanks for His faithfulness and goodness. In fact, His faithfulness and goodness among us in the Radial community has opened up new doors and opportunities on the horizon for continued Kingdom impact and growth. With this, we ask that you continue to join us in prayer and support and thank you for your faithfulness.

We wrote several months ago describing the formation of the Bicycle Collective—a mobile missional community that seeks to form new spiritual communities through prayer and service. The evidence of Jesus at work through this Bicycle Collective has left us awe-struck week after week! One of the leaders of the group, Jim, has described our rides “like finding ourselves each week in the middle of a Bible story!” Indeed, Jim’s description is accurate as week after week we see Jesus active on the streets of Canton as we “do church” with folks in different neighborhoods and communities throughout the city. For a detailed description of just one of the stories of God’s faithfulness that we encountered on the ride, visit http://www.radialchurch.com/blog/2013/09/27/bicycles-beer-bottles-and-birthday-cake. What has been truly stunning is the Kingdom cooperation evident in the Bicycle Collective as up to 10 different congregations are represented among the riders—with still more offering support to the ministry!

In addition to the Bicycle Collective, our other two existing Faith Collectives have been experiencing both spiritual and numeric growth over the last two months! We are so thankful that God has given us opportunities to serve our communities through the monthly Laundry of Love projects and formation of a recovery refuge for victims of sex trafficking. Please join us in prayer as we have two more potential Faith Collectives launching next month!

We also ask that you would join us in prayer for the Radial Worship team. Many of you downloaded our Radial original “See You” from Noisetrade.com. God has blown us away by spreading this song across the globe as it has been downloaded in 24 different countries and has been sung churches across the country! We have been actively writing new worship songs that sing praises of the victories that God has been winning in our midst! With 8 songs in the mix, we will be entering the studio once more in the coming weeks to record these songs. Please lift us up in prayer throughout this process. In addition, we have had continued opportunities to lead worship. In fact, tonight we will be leading worship at Ashland University’s The Well! Next week, November 3rd, is our monthly Night of Worship hosted by Trinity Brethren Church. We ask that you lift us up in prayer for both of these events and join us if you are in the area!

Lastly, I wanted to personally thank each of you for your constant support and encouragement. Church Planting certainly is not an easy endeavor. The last month has been particularly taxing emotionally and physically, yet God is good! I am so grateful for each of you! When Jamie and I are discouraged, we receive an encouraging letter or message that revives us. When the financial realities of raising support prick our fears, we will receive an unexpected letter in the mail that reminds us that God is in control! I say these things as a reminder that Radial is indeed a Kingdom partnership—for which we are eternally grateful for your support and generosity!

Last month, I met with Bill Ludwig of MissioChurch who has resourced and equipped Radial Church. We discussed the financial realities of the church and as we are entering Year Two, we need to increase our external financial support and fundraising by $750 a month. While this number may seem daunting, we know that Jesus is quite capable and willing to meet this need through His people! Would you consider helping us meet this goal so that we can continue our efforts to see the name of Jesus on the lips of the people of Canton? If you have been supporting us in the last year, THANK YOU! If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, would you please prayerfully consider being a monthly partner in giving? We have several ways that you can support us. First, checks can be made payable to “MissioChurch” with “Radial Church” in the memo line and sent to 524 College Ave. Ashland, OH 44805. You can also make payments through PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GJNJQF7A7H6UA . Lastly, if you would like to have your monthly contribution automatically withdrawn from your account, contact Stan Gentle at the Brethren Church National Office by emailing him at stan@brethrenchurch.org.

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