Cross Bars Ministry Update

November 14, 2013

To put it simply, here in Mishawaka, life is/has been wonderful, challenging, emotional, discouraging and encouraging; we have been financially blessed and financially challenged. Yet, despite the gamut of emotional ups and downs, people are being blessed by Jesus. Here are a few highlights.

We were able to share 550-600 winter apparel items with many families from the community a few weeks ago. Monthly Community dinners are feeding an average of 65-75 people. We cooked 300 lbs of BBQ ribs and brisket on August 4 with 7 area agencies helping people with health information. On that day, we also had an open vegetable market and gave away hundreds of pounds of veggies to the community. That day, God brought 250+ people across our path. Our food pantry continues to generate food provisions for community people. Last year, the food pantry helped supply nearly 25,000 lbs of food to10,000 family members who have food insecurities. I'm really not sure how all this is happening. Financially, we normally struggle, yet somehow in God's economy, people are experiencing His love in many different ways. Please be in prayer for all the above mentioned; and THANK YOU!!! for there is no way this would have happened without your prayers.
Here are a couple of specific prayer requests:

1. We have the first option to purchase the Salvation Army building that I have been talking about for three years. (Cross Bars has been using it for the past two years) This building will help us to reach many more people in Spiritual ways. We plan on Worship, class room study, reading programs, children programs, and the like, to move forward  to the next phase of ministry and transform this community into Christ's likeness. I am looking forward to the day when we can accurately quantify lives changed by Jesus. Please pray for funding and purchase of the building. THANKS - WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!!

2. Could you do Cross Bars huge favor? (and of course pray for it) In celebration of its 150th anniversary, 1st Source Bank in our area, is giving away money. Lots of money! Between now and December 14, 1st Source will give away a total of $150,000 to Michiana's charitable organizations, and all you need to do to help is brag a little about Cross Bars Ministries.

Here is your chance to let our friends at 1st Source know just why Cross Bars is so special. Charities will be selected on the quality and quantity of entries received, so we need all of our prayer partners, friends and family to join together to submit a nomination for us.

This past week, we have already been awarded $1,000, and we are in the hunt for one of the $15,000 prizes. Awesome, aye?

Please help us win won of the grand prizes.
Nominations can be submitted at any 1st Source Bank location now through November 30, or drop them off at Cross Bars Ministries and we will deliver them for you!
I know that many of you are out of the area, so go online ( download the nomination form, fill it out and send it to CBM 1102 Union St. Mishawaka, IN 45644 and I can deliver it. It only takes a couple of minutes. So, brag a could mean a lot for Cross Bars Ministries!!

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