Christmas Greeting

December 6, 2013

Christmas Greetings

Thanks to all who have been praying for Cross Bars Ministries. The past few months have been wonderful. It's always great but lately there has been a noticeable Spiritual blessing upon us. We are averaging 260 families per month. In November, we fed 928 family members through our pantry. We have given away tons of coats and winter gear, and doubled our store sales and held eight community dinners this past year. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful for the community, serving 75-80 meals. Go God! This kind of ministry happens through your prayers. Keep up the good prayer work for us and all on the Missio prayer line.

Please be in prayer for this coming Thursday. We are putting together and hosting a memorial service for a homeless friend of Cross Bars. He was found dead along the rail tracks near our store last Friday. There where no services planned, so we are doing it with the communities help and participation. This will be a great opportunity to share Jesus' comfort during this time.

Please also be in prayer for the Christmas dinner and gift giving on December 21. Please pray that the message of Jesus' birth is communicated clearly through the program.

And lastly, finances are always tight and usually a bit low

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