Praises for Christmas Dinner and gifts for families

January 10, 2014

Never thought it would turn out this big. On December 21 Cross Bars held it's monthly Community Dinner at the Salvation Army former location. This year we decided to give away gifts for adults and children. What a crazy night of God's blessings. We served 175-180 people dinner and gave away (seriously we counted) 2080 gifts, over 1100 of those gifts went to children!

Quotable: "My husband and I have not been able to exchange Christmas gifts for the last nine years. You made us so happy. Can I give you a hug?"
"We were told our family was 'adopted' for Christmas gifts a month ago and this week they told us the people that were going to help us with gifts canceled on us. This Christmas party and the gifts show us how good God is. Now we have presents for our children."
"This is so wonderful. God bless you."
"My momma will like this."
This Christmas dinner was the biggest event that we've had in attendance to date. I have never had people break into applause after instructions, the Christmas story and prayer. Wow! God's love was flowing!!!

And check this out: We served all those people ham and turkey with all the sides, salad and desert and drinks, gave away 2080 gifts (99% brand new) and because of various donations, we spent a total of $18.00 out of Cross Bars' pocket. Now that's some cool God's economy.

Thanks for all your prayers

Please keep Cross Bars in your prayers for our regular finances and just this morning a For Sale sign was put up at our store building. Not sure what's up with that. Maybe God is saying "Here's your sign!" LOL

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