Crossbars Ministries News Update (March 2014)

March 13, 2014

Cross Bars Ministries
“Meeting Needs for Life”

Greetings in the name of our Lord, friend and savior, Jesus Christ; it is only in Him that we move, breathe and have our being.

I am writing you today with great anticipation and excitement of where Jesus has taken, and is leading, Cross Bars Ministries in our next steps of ministry.

Cindy, I, and our team have been talking and praying through and about the next steps for us and the ministry. Cross Bars Ministries’ Thrift Store has provided a wonderful introduction to Jesus’ love by offering clothes, household items, and furniture at prices that allow people on lower incomes, to afford basic and needed items (while building self-esteem because they are able to provide for their family). We have also been able to help hundreds of families whose needs exceed their income. Fires, homelessness, evictions, release from prison and bad decisions all have been opportunities to show Jesus’ love through provisions. A couch to this family, baby clothes to a new mother, food for the hungry, and a thousand other situations, have all been great opportunities to build relationships and the base of a church.

For instance, in March of 2012, the USDA introduced a new form for food distribution that represented each individual family that visited our food pantry for assistance. In just under two years, CBM has served approximately 2500 different families. Thousands of community members through the store, hundreds and hundreds of people’s needs met through immediate needs, 2500+ families hunger needs met through the food pantry. These have been, and should continue as, wonderful outreaches to help “the least of these” and familiarize people with Cross Bars Ministries. In addition, these outreaches cannot be the only venues where people are introduced to Jesus, Cross Bars, and find physical help. The need(s) of people, poverty and the community behoove us to find a far more effective and efficient means of building a stronger people, a better community and a Biblical local Body of Christ (the Church).

Cindy and I are totally committed to seeing God’s vision realized in the local community where CBM currently resides. Many people in our community and the patrons we serve have become family. In the past 4 years, God has built a huge base of relationships with people in this community. I believe we, (God, Cindy & I, the Church, Jesus, and the family of CBM) are poised to build a Body of Christ that will help people through life, educate those who slip through the cracks, give people a hand up while pulling adults and children up and out of the generational poverty cycle while offering the opportunity to know and see the power of Christ’s love.

It is in following God’s leading with the best of intention, honoring and improving on what has been accomplished thus far and seeking to improve the effectiveness of ministry; that we announce the liquidation and closure of CBM’s present location @ 1102 Union St. Mishawaka, IN and move towards a more holistic ministry located in the Salvation Army Building located at 1026 Dodge Ave. Mishawaka, IN. The target date for the thrift store completion is March 31, 2014. This completion will place CBM in a great position to acquire the Dodge St. building. We have been ministering out of this building for three years and have built many great relationships through community events (dinners, cookouts, Health & Fun Fairs, winter coats, and 2000+ Christmas gifts given out on December 21, 2013)

Let me reassure you, Cross Bars Ministries is not and has no plans of closing. We are simply following God’s leading and transitioning to another level of ministry to make a greater impact upon the people of the community and the Kingdom of God.

Cross Bars Ministries is an established, recognized and trusted ministry in the Mishawaka community. Street credit, relationships and trust are hard to establish in a local community network of an impoverished people. During our time at the current location, we have earned many relationships and the right to speak into people’s lives. For various reasons, “trust” is a large issue for people living in poverty. Our concern is that if CBM looks anything like it is closing, we will lose much of the street credit that we have built and the past years of building trust will have to be re-built over again. Our desire is that we maintain the trust already established, through a seamless transition from 1102 Union St. to 1026 Dodge Ave. This seamless transition will allow CBM to serve the community to the maximum effectiveness in a much shorter time frame than otherwise. We believe that a seamless transition will keep the continuity flowing with the community and allow CBM to ramp up and take deeper steps to developing people and the community. 

Now, more than ever, Cross Bars Ministries is in need of your faithful commitment to prayer and continual financial support for this ministry transition; a vital ministry that meets critical needs in the community through Jesus Christ. 

The goal for this financial transition is $65,000. Funds raised include building purchase, cosmetic improvements and transitional capitol. A financial breakdown is available upon request.

As a result, at this time we will no longer be able to take physical donations via pick up at your location or drop off at the Thrift Store. As always, CLOTHING WILL CONTINUE to be collected in our donation drop boxes. The collection of clothing will continue to benefit our community and Cross Bars Ministries.

FOOD PANTRY DONATIONS WILL CONTINUE to be collected to meet the needs of 250 families per month with food insecurities. Non-perishable food items, toiletries and monetary donations provide an introduction to the love of Jesus and Cross Bars Ministries. Every dollar given converts into 5.5 lbs of food buying power.

Please prayerfully consider where you, your church and your community can support Cross Bars Ministries. Cross Bars Ministries, is an Indiana Mission Field that is poised for a deeper development of people, significant change in the community and a great fellowship of Believers. Thousands of people have been loved, thousands of relationships have been built; please help facilitate the next level of ministry in the Name of Jesus, our Lord, friend and savior.


Larry & Cindy Hanson  

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