MissioChurch Podcast

By Bill Ludwig

March 9, 2017


We are live!

MissioChurch’s new podcast has finally gone live this week! If you have ever felt that God wants you to partner with Him to start a new church or if you have wanted to be a part of a conversation about living incarnationally in your community, this is a space for you. Church planters Dustin White and Bill Ludwig discuss a range of topics related to church planting including:

  • The incarnation as a protest
  • Rejoicing your city
  • Dealing with a toxic leadership culture
  • When bears attack
  • …And more

Often witless banter gives way to gritty explorations of issues and practical ideas for addressing some of the stuff you only learn by experience. Along the way, you will hear from many writers and thinkers in the field and enjoy guest spots from some new and some familiar voices in this conversation.

You can subscribe on iTunes or Google Play here: iTunes | Google Play

Or stream directly from our website here

Our game is your game…no matter who you are or where God as planted you, we want you to have a place to be in conversation about the things in your ministry and life that matter most to you. We would love to have your feedback so don't be shy about leaving your questions and comments below. Let us know what you are interested in learning more about as you discern what’s next for you and Jesus in your community.


Living a life of protest,


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O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary! Amen.
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