Muskoka Community Church

By Bill Ludwig

March 10, 2017

On Saturday, March 4th, something happened for the first time. Members of a Brethren congregation gathered together in a cottage town in Canada to dedicate the building that they would call home. This congregation, Muskoka Community Church, is the first of our tribe in Canada. Not only that, it is the first congregation that MissioChurch ever helped to get started and this was to be their first building. It was a magnificent day!

As we waited for the festivities to begin, we could see cars pulling into the parking lot through the windows of the large gathering room. I reflected on the early days of this congregation when I would visit, and we would watch through the windows of the elementary school wondering if anyone else would come. In those days, planters Jeremy and April McClung and their family, along with several volunteers would have already been at the rented facility for a couple of hours setting up the environment in which the group would gather. Already physically tired from the set-up, now the emotional roller coaster would take over as we waited. This time, however, things were different. Many volunteers had done set-up over the last few days, and there had been enough confidence tat things were ready that Jeremy and April had time to host several of us visitors for dinner. This time, the emotions were excitement about who they knew would be there. The time began with MCC’s excellent band leading the crowded room in praising God and thanking Him for is

The time began with MCC’s excellent band leading the crowded room in praising God and thanking Him for the provision in their lives. What followed was a parade visitors speaking words of blessing over the congregation. Visitors from the States, local pastors, and even the man that sold them the building stepped up to the microphone to share their greetings and encouragement. Next was a long string of gratitude for volunteers, contractors and those in the community that and donated time and materials to the effort. Pastor Jeremy recounted the tale of Samuel ordering the Ebenezer to be set up as a visual reminder to the people of the Lord’s goodness and provision. This building and its property, though just a place to meet in, would be an Ebenezer for MCC and a visual reminder of what God can do.

And then we had a party.

For more on the story of MCC and how God provided (and continues to provide) for this congregation, contact Jeremy McClung to hear the latest news and how you and your church may be able to play a role in this story too.


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